Re-engineering provides customers with an alternative for sourcing parts for their equipment. Whether looking to upgrade components, quicker deliveries, or replacing parts, re-engineering provides an opportunity to ensure your equipment keeps running at peak performance.
Incorporate the latest technology by constantly seeking ways of improving equipment performance, our re-engineering services deliver more than just replacement parts. Typical services include:
– Material upgrades
– Application of surface coatings
– Component design improvements
– Hydraulic improvements
– Improved maintainability

Re-engineering can be undertaken on a single component or included as part of a comprehensive design review on the entire machine.

Source obsolete parts
Pump users often find it difficult to source parts for old or obsolete equipment. Such parts may be subject to long delivery times or may only be available at unattractive commercial terms. In cases such as these, our re-engineering capabilities provide a competitive and reliable alternative.
These advantages apply not only for pumps but can be applied to a wide range of equipment regardless of age or manufacturer.
Using sophisticated 3D coordinate measuring equipment, a part can be fully modelled to a high degree of accuracy. The model is then used to generate manufacturing drawings for the new part. Parts may be turned or cast. For castings, our pattern less rapid prototyping technology reduces lead times for quick deliveries.
One of the key advantages of this technology for the end user is the ability to incorporate changes as part of the process. Components that were originally produced many years ago can often be upgraded with new designs and material improvements.
Customer benefits:
Whatever the approach, our re-engineering services are targeted to deliver the following benefits:
– Improved efficiency
– Improved performance (mechanical and hydraulic)
– Increased Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR)
– Reduced operating and maintenance costs
– Application of our technology to third-party machinery
– Guaranteed results