Steam turbines

Gas turbines

Analysis & Improvement

Repair & Reengineering

Relocation & Installation

Total Care of turbines (LTSA)

Interface Management

SIPA aim to achive the best coordination of the different processes and disciplines in project planning and project execution interfaces. The outcome of this coordination is a reduction in the expenditure of both time and costs.


The key aspects of our operating business and capability include; Operation an maintenance of Power Plant, upgrades, service programmes. Including commissioning.

Trouble Shooting

If there is a fault or problem, we are able to react fast and flexibly. Based on the results of a fault analysis we directly start with the troubleshooting. We conduct the negotiations, manage the acceptance of tender/Contract placement and arrange the commissioning.


SIPA provide the qualified team to accompany you through the different processes in the planning and project execution phases. Gain from the SIPA-responsibilities in the areas and disciplines you essentially need. SIPA reacts to your needs with speed and flexibility.